Gifted students writing activities

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Intellectual giftedness

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Why Gifted Students Belong in Inclusive Schools

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The 20 Best College Summer Programs for Gifted Students

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School for the Talented and Gifted

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If your gifted students' strengths are in writing, provide your students with frequent opportunities to creatively write about books they have read. For example, have students re-write the ending of a story, change the characters or setting or even create a sequel to a story they have just read.

Prevention and Intervention of Writing Difficulties for Students with Learning Disabilities

Websites for Gifted Students This is Lucy’s personal collection of websites for gifted children of all ages – covering math, science, sustainability, crafting, art, music, reading, geography, history, writing, and more. Accelerate Literacy. Achieve Lifelong Success.

Achieve ® provides the only patented, cloud-based solutions that deliver daily differentiated instruction for nonfiction reading and writing that are precisely tailored to each student’s Lexile ® reading level.

See How it Works. This is Lucy’s personal collection of websites for gifted children of all ages – covering math, science, sustainability, crafting, art, music, reading, geography, history, writing, and more.


Is Your Writing Process This Fun?

Definitions. Purpose. Experimental programs. Classes that stigmatize and isolate students because of one kind of difference are rarely welcoming places for students with other differences.

At Washington Elementary School, Mary Beth, a 7-year-old facing significant cognitive and behavioral challenges, is now fully included in the regular 2nd.

Gifted students writing activities
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