How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008

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Printing crystal report in a custom page size

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Hi, I'm doing some letter 2 up repot using visual with crystal report. I'm using c# language to do the report. I have set the custom paper size with x inch in the client pc in the server propertise in the printer section.

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Jul 22,  · I've got the report down to very short, but the paper size causes it to print a long area of blank space. Is it possible to create a very small page? I'm thinking around 80mm x mm. Nov 06,  · Then select the custom paper size with in Crystal Reports' Printer Setup dialog. In my experience, you must use the PrintToPrinter method of the report document instead of the print method in the Crystal Report Viewer.

I developed a system with visual studio and SQL Serverthe invoices are printed with crystal report, I do that by code with the PrintToPrinter method of the crystal report class, the problem I have is that when the invoice is printed all the ob Printing crystal report in a custom page size.

Jun 25,  · Hello,I am trying to build a report in Crystal Reports XI for mailing labels and would like to Home; Crystal Reports Training Topic: Custom Page Size Posted: 08 Jul at am Go to Page Setup.

Your new form should be listed in the drop-down list in the Page Options panel. It will set your horizontal and vertical dimensions. Now I’m trying to set custom Paper Size for Crystal Report using When I run report from, the Crystal report viewer shows the correct preview for custom paper size but when I give print command it prints with the default printer paper size.

How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008
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